Q: Is the fabric washable?

A: Yes. Most of the fabrics that we print on washable and/or drycleanable

Q: Can you print on all kinds of fabric?

A: Yes, we can print on most man made or natural fibers.  The following is a list of fabrics that we have successfully worked with: Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Silk, Lycra, Poly Cotton Blends, Leather, Suede, Canvas, and Linen.

Q: Does the fabric feel soft to the touch after it has been printed??

A: Unlike screen printing, the fabric feels like the original fabric before the printing process.  Our process uses fabric dyes and applies to color to the fabric fibers as opposed to laying a color on top of the fabric like other less advanced processes.

Q: What format and what resolution do you need the graphic files in?

A: We work with most graphic formats including: .tif, .jpg, .ai, .psd, etc.. Save your files in CMYK at actual size 150 dpi for optimal output.  We can create a repeat pattern for you from your graphic.

Q: Can you work from a sketch or picture?

A: Yes, we can work from a sketch, picture, sample of another fabric, etc... Just send us any reference material you have and our designers will work with you to create the design that you are looking for.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: Usually 1-2 weeks depending on our production schedule.

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement?

A: No. We can print as little as 1 yard.

Q: Is there a limitation on the number of colors?

A: Unlike traditional printing methods, digital printing does not have any limitations on the number of colors that we can print.  Also, the number of colors used on a design does not effect the price for printing.

Q: Do you have any samples that you can send out?

A: No. Because of the extensive range of fabrics we do not sample any printed material. We suggest that you order a test print of your graphic on the fabric that you specify.